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Network Hub and Cable


Strategy, Flexibility and Change

At Zerosixtwo, we understand that change is not always easy and we recognise that there are many different reasons why IT projects can flounder, or even fail. Our fundamental belief is that with the right team, the right attitude and the right motivations IT can successfully deliver, and importantly be recognised to deliver, to the expectations of the business.


Our company ethos is to demystify IT through:

  • Simple plain talking

  • A pragmatic approach

  • Remaining delivery focused

  • Open and honest dialogue


Wow, what a refreshing approach!

We believe that the time is right for a change in the attitudes to IT  where the focus shifts to a combination of quality and speed, not one at the expense of the other. Even more important is ensuring a genuine collaboration between all the stakeholders with a single minded purpose to recognise and achieve the desired result. That is the winning formula,


So, are you ready to step into the future with us? Contact us to find out how we can help you make that change. We'd be excited to work with you.

Behind The Name


It was the 24th March, 1959. The Institute of Radio Engineers were holding their annual trade show in the New York Coliseum. During the show, Texas Instruments, one of the United States' leading electronics firms, revealed a new device that would change the world forever. It was the solid integrated circuit, or, as it came to be called, the microchip.

Jack Kilby

Jack Kilby was the man behind the technology. He packed smart thinking and innovation into a chip that measured just 0.062 (zero six two) inches! The revolution that followed transformed people, business and nations.

Jack Kilby.JPG
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